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Book-bestseller „From Time Management to Time Intelligence” as an eBook


Do these situations seem familiar? You just keep being interrupted. There is one acute problem after another, and all need to be solved. Your life is dictated by others more and more. The amount of work never ceases to increase. Your level of stress is significantly higher than it once was. It is difficult to find a healthy work-life balance. In this day and age such a description is not the exception but rather the norm.

The world has changed. It is more complex and much faster-paced than it used to be. New communication technologies have changed the business world entirely, and the demands have risen considerably. Unfortunately, most time management approaches have not grown proportionally. Exactly that is what this book sets out to change: we are talking real improvements with a focus on goals and productivity, without losing sight of factors such as stress and satisfaction. In addition to useful strategies you will receive 40 concrete tips on how to save time, covering (among others) topics such as dealing with interruptions, retaining sovereignty over your own time, and stress reduction.

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